Two women who recently died were waiting at the Gates of Heaven

Woman 1: “So, how did you die?”

Woman 2: “I froze to death.”

Woman 1: “Wow, that must’ve been so painful. I’m so sorry.”

Woman 2: “It was, but after a while you go numb & don’t feel as much. How did you die?”


Woman 1: “Well, I thought my husband was cheating on me. So I rushed home early from work, but he was just playing video games. Then I ran into the bedroom to look for evidence, but I couldn’t find anything. So I ran to the bathroom to search, but I still couldn’t find anything. I even ran outside to the backyard, but I still couldn’t find anything there.”

Woman 2: “So what happened to you?”

Woman 1: “I was so exhausted from running around that I collapsed & died.”

Woman 2: “Well if you had looked in the freezer first we’d both be alive right now.”