A 95 year old man and his 94 year old wife see a lawyer about a divorce.

The lawyer asks them when they got married.

“I was 19” says the man.

“That means you’ve been married for 75 years at least” the lawyer points out

“Yes. And all of it misery” says the woman.

“Really? When did you start to regret the marriage?”

“Almost immediately, ” says the man. “I hated her after about two years, and every year it gets worse. Everything about her is obnoxious and irritating.”

“Oh lord, ” says the woman, “I lasted three years but after that tolerating him in any way has been a huge problem. He has awful habits and treats me like trash.”

The lawyer thinks for a moment.

“Well I can help you to get divorced, but why did you wait so long to apply for one if you’ve hated each other the whole time?”

She says: “We were waiting for the children to die”