Three lawyers and three engineers are travelling by train to a conference.

The three lawyers buy a ticket each while the engineers by only one. The lawyers laugh at the engineers crying how can three people travel by train using only one ticket. The engineers respond with “you’ll see”.

They all board the train and the lawyers take a seat while the engineers cram into the bathroom. The train departs and soon after the conductor comes around collecting everyone’s tickets.

He gets to the bathroom and knocks on the door. “Tickets please”. The door opens just a bit and a hand shoots out with the ticket. The conductor take it and moves onto the next person.The lawyers think this is ingenious and decide to try it for themselves in the way back from the conference.


However on the return home while the lawyers were buying their single ticket, the notices the engineers weren’t buying any. They asked “how are three of you going to travel with out a ticket”. The engineers respond with “you’ll see”.

The lawyers cram into the bathroom and the engineers cram into one nearby. Shortly after the train leaves the station one of the engineers come out of their bathroom and go over to the lawyers one. They knock on the door.

“tickets pls”.