An atheist is hiking in the woods…

So an atheist is hiking in the woods when he stumbles across a huge hungry grizzly bear. The bear rears up to full height and gives a roar as it leans in toward the man. The atheist screams in terror “Oh God, help me!!!”

Suddenly, everything–> the bear, the trees, the birds, everything but the man–freezes. The man sees the clouds part as a deep heavenly voice reaches his ears. “So all your life, You deny My existence, yet now you call for My aid now that death is upon you? I am sorry, My son, but it is too late.”


The atheist thinks quickly. “Well, God, if it is too late for me to become a Christian, how about you just convert the bear?”

Time begins moving again, and the bear immediately stops its roaring, kneels quietly and respectfully, and begins speaking. “O Lord, bless this meal in which I am about to partake…”