A woman is badly burned in a car accident and requires a skin graft on her face.

Because of her injuries the doctors are unable to take skin from any part of her body, so they must rely on a donor. Her husband of 25 years volunteers and the operation goes ahead. Whilst deciding which bit of his skin to use he mentions he has a smooth bottom and perhaps that would be the best place to take the graft from. The surgeon agrees and after 5 gruelling hours of surgery the operation is a complete success.

When the woman wakes up and sees the result, she is so overwhelmed that she says ‘I can never thank you enough for this. I will do whatever you want by way of thanks’.

The husband smiles and says, ‘We’ve been married for 25 years and there’s nothing you can give me that you haven’t already. Besides, when your mother kisses your cheek, that’ll be all the thanks I’ll ever need’.