A man is obsessed with trains.

A man is obsessed with trains, so he finally steals one and immediately crashes it, killing several people…

At the trial, the man is found guilty of multiple murders and is sentenced to death.

Before he is executed, he is offered a last meal, and asks for a single banana, which is given to him. The next day, he is led to the electric chair. They strap him in, pull the switch, and… nothing happens.

There has never been a failure before. Since you cannot punish a person twice for the same crime, the court is forced to let him go free.

Within a week’s time, naturally, the man, who is obsessed with trains, goes and steals another one. He doesn’t care that he can’t drive it or that he failed catastrophically before; he is obsessed with trains and his only desire is to operate one. As before, he crashes it, and kills several people. Again, he stands trial, and again, he is sentenced to death, showing no remorse, only delight that he got to operate the train.


His last meal request is again a single banana.

When he goes to the chair, the executioner pulls the switch, but nothing happens. As before, he goes free again.

The train-obsessed maniac, once more on the loose, wastes no time in hijacking a train and crashes it.

His trial is swift, as this has already happened twice, and he is again sentenced to death. They ask him what he would like for his last meal.

“A single banana,” he says.

“Oh, no you don’t, you son of a bitch. We’re on to you, now. We know all about your little banana trick, and you’re not escaping this time!” The guards refuse his request, and instead serve him a standard last meal of steak, potatoes, and apple pie.


The next morning they strap him into the electric chair, pull the switch, and… nothing happens.

“Did you give him the banana?” demands the head guard.

“No, sir! He asked for the banana but we didn’t give it to him, we swear!” says one of the guards.

Turns out the banana had nothing to do with anything.

He was just a really bad conductor.