A housewife is in bed with her lover…

A housewife is in bed with her lover. All of a sudden she hears her husband’s car pull up. He came home early from a business trip! In a panic she is frantically trying to think of a place to hide her lover and suddenly has an idea. She tells him to go stand in a corner of the kitchen and pretend to be a statue. She saw a similar statue at the neighbors house and thinks the husband won’t notice anything suspicious.


Husband walks in, sees the statue and asks where it came from. The wife tells him that their neighbors recently got one just like it and she loved it so much that she went out and bought one for herself. The husband nods, says good night and goes to bed.

Fast-forward to about 2am. The husband wakes up, goes in the kitchen, opens the fridge and makes a big sandwich. Walks up to the statue, hands it the sandwich and says “eat up man, I was stuck at the neighbors’ house for almost 2 weeks and the bitch didn’t even think to feed me”