3 men die and go to Heaven

St Peter meets them and starts reviewing their files.

He starts talking to the first guy: “I see that you lived a good life, but you cheated on your wife 30 times. That’s not very good, but not bad enough to send you to hell. So you can stay in heaven, but you’ll have to be driving around in a 40 year old beat up pick up truck as a punishment. So you’re free to go.”


He moves on to the second guy : “You lived a good life, but you cheated on your wife 10 times. Well, it isn’t too bad, so you can stay in heaven, but your ride will be a 20 year old Toyota, it’s not glamorous, but hey, shouldn’t have cheated.”

Finally he starts talking to the third guy : “Holy crap, you lived a good life and never cheated on your wife. Well, my friend, you deserve this brand new Ferrari! Go on, enjoy heaven!”


A month passes, and the 3 guys meet up- The first 2 guys are really enjoying heaven, despite the fact that they’re driving crappy cars, but the 3rd guy is really sad. So they ask him : “You’re in Heaven, driving a Ferrari, would could you possibly be sad about? “

“Well, on my way here I saw my wife on roller skates”