Men are very sensitive..

Some construction workers are working on a high building early in the morning.

Sadly, Steve slips off a ledge, spirals down to the ground and is critically injured.

They attempt to save him with CPR, but there is a large hole in his skull that the blood keeps squirting out of, and he dies.


Bill says ‘Someone needs to tell Steve’s wife’. Joey says ‘I’ll do it, I’m very sensitive’.

Joey goes off, then a few hours later comes back with two cases of beer.

Bill asks ‘Where did you get the beer?’

Joey says ‘Steve’s wife gave it to me’.

Bill says ‘You told her Steve was dead and she gave you beer?’

‘Not exactly. When she answered the door I said “You must be Steve’s widow’, she said ‘I’m not a widow” and I said “I bet you two cases of beer you are”.’